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Basic Parent Information

Please check out the websites below. These Websites are National Scouting Websites giving you details to forms and information on the Cub Scouting Program.

Welcome to our Great Pack 14 Cub Scouting Program. Our Leaders take pride in the time and dedication to Pack 14. Some have been around for 15 years. We also have NEW parents in leadership and it is their first year. The parents make the program and run it as well as fund it. Without you, we simply do not exist.

Websites: (Create a Scout Account for Parents) This page is for tracking your child's achievements in the Cub Scout trail. Save it as a app on your smart phone. Keeping track is easy and digital. If you are not a digital person please e-mail your sons achievements to your Den Leader and your Den Leader will forward them to our Awards Chair. (NEW National Site for everything Cub Scouting) for Parents an Leaders (Create a Scout Account for Parents) Take Youth Protection (All Parents) Youth Protection helps to keep our Scouts and Parents Safe in the Program. Youth Protection educates Parents on what BSA expects of You as a Parent in our Program. (Everything Scouting for Parents, Leaders, Volunteers & Scouts) This web page has all the forms for each program.  (Our Local Council Website is Tidewater Council. This web page will give you forms and information on our local Council Events. Each District in the Tidewater Council has their own page on news in their area.