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Welcome to Troop 95 Located In Sussex, WI!!!



Welcome to BSA Troop 95's website.  Troop 95 is sponsored by the Horne-Mudlitz VFW Post No. 6377
in Sussex, Wisconsin.  Our troop, rich in history, is 50 plus years in the making.  Troop 95 meets on the 1st, 3rd and 5th  Monday of the month at 7:00pm.  PLC meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month.  Committee meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the month with Parent meetings part of the 3rd Monday Troop meeting.  We hope you enjoy our website!! 

TROOP 95 is a BOY LED troop
Meaning, the boys lead the Troop, not the adults. The scouts of Troop 95 are run by the patrol method and conduct their own meetings, with a Scoutmaster and/or Assistant Scoutmasters to help guide. We as a Troop, feel that there is no better way to teach leadership than to practice by doing. The scouts have duty rosters when on campouts. The scouts choose ‘where’ they will camp, ‘when’ they will camp, and create duty rosters to equally divide all of the work including cooking and cleaning.    


  The scouts of Troop 95 learn to be prepared, self reliant, and learn how to work together as a team.  They do this through our campouts and patrol activities. The scouts have a camping weekend opportunity about once a month, with additional activities throughout the year. Troop 95 has camped in the Florida Keys, the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, pitched our tents on a sandbar in the middle of the Wisconsin River and spent nights in caves with bats sleeping above our heads. Troop 95 will continue to plan outdoor activies, wherever the PLC members decide to take us.


  Upon joining the scouting program, each scout will hopefully have Eagle achievement in their heart. Our scouts in Troop 95 work hard to earn their ranks by demonstrating leadership and skills required along the path. It is through advancement and the reward of advancement that leadership, self reliability, and self esteem grow. The higher ranking scouts teach the newer scouts, handing down their knowledge and enabling the newer scouts to achieve their early ranks. We, as a Troop, merely provide the capacity and atmosphere as well as the support to achieve the advancement. We provide the opportunity for the scout to achieve the goal of Eagle. Troop 95 has a rich history of Eagle ranking scouts, having two already in 2019.

WeBelo Involvement
  Troop 95 welcomes WeBelos to share in the Boy Scout experience with us. We have special activities that include the WeBelos to sample our Troops’ atmosphere. Check out the activities section. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, feel free to contact, Julie Karnthaler or Matt Licklider for information on WeBelo friendly activities. We have planned activities this Fall designed specifically for your Webelos.  In September, we will have our Ninja Warrior Course setup at the WeBeLos Jamoree at Menomonee Park.  We are also planning to host a WeBeLos Adventure in October.  If these dates don't work or you need help with another adventure (or with the old program), let us know!  We look forward to working with you! 

On behalf of the Scouts in Troop 95, and our dedicated adult leaders, we welcome you to Troop 95. We hope you find the information presented in this website useful and informative.

Matt Licklider

Troop 95 Scoutmaster

Andrew Akins
Troop 95 Committee Chair